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VSB supplies loudspeaking long-range equipment intended for audio signal and message transmission for a distance of up to several kilometers.

For benefit of various agencies, such as EMERCOM, MIA, Ministry of Defense, etc., we have developed devices and complexes in compliance with an entire range of requirements.

Our company was established in 2010; it cooperates with experts who have been manufacturing acoustic systems and another loudspeaker equipment for more than 30 years. We have performed authoritative studies with a focus not only on electronic part but on a more intensive study of acoustic part. As a result we have obtained a new acoustic radiator with unique range measures and without deficiencies intrinsic to traditional horn loudspeakers, such as narrow frequency range, interference if put into arrays, and inability to generate a wave with a required front shape. The other advantages of our loudspeaker equipment are the following: circuit engineering up to the latest standard of world best manufacturers, light weight of equipment, tightness and high reliability.

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