The summary of information will provide our clients with answers to questions related to functioning of our portal. To receive missing information or to ask other questions from our experts, please send an e-mail to

About registration on VSB

The procedure is not mandatory but it provides possibilities of an extended access to the portal functions with an access to Customer’s account. For example, registered purchasers/users will be able to do the following:

  • View history of selected orders
  • Reserve a product of interest
  • Generate orders
  • Use option “Favorite orders”

About product search

On our site, search procedures can be performed as follows:

  • In product catalog
  • In search mechanism (see the right column of the site)

Moreover, search “by manufacturer” is also available (see the left menu of the site). For easy search we have envisaged a system of direct messages to our consultants/technicians/experts via “Contacts” form (see the upper right corner of

About ordering, payment, and shipping

For more information, see here

About order execution

For the purpose of on-line and efficient communication with our

users, we have envisaged the following types of communication:

  • E-mail
  • ICQ
  • Telephone, including “automatic responder” function to connect a customer upon his/her request. That means you may call us and request a return call in relation to products or issue of interest.

We offer an outstanding approach to all our customers because the only objective of our business is to help you in selecting the best of what we have and to protect you project to our best!

About warranty and post-warranty obligations of VSB and about goods return

VSB products are certified devices/equipment/software etc. which have the following:

  • Manufacturer warranty
  • Supplier/seller warranties – in compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation these terms cover shipping, subsequent return/replacement of the products or correction of detected deficiencies.
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