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Our marine typhon has an additional function of transmitting speech messages to distance of up to several kilometers

Application modes in navy:

– Message transmission in the absence of conventional communication from a ship to offshore or onshore facilities at a minimum distance of 2 kilometers (depending on the number of radiating components).

– Action coordination when moving in narrow passage, in a fog, and during mooring.

– Loudspeaking communication during search and rescue in the sea under conditions of high noise level caused by wind and waves.

– Creation of a protective perimeter around the ship by way of sending a special signal (efficient impact onto groups of people on floating crafts around the ship).

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Звуковещательное аэромобильное средство ЗВАМС, устанавливается на беспилотный вертолет МБПВ-37. Высота вещания до 1 километра
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Impact on civilian population, authorities and(or) forces of an opponent party

Today means of influence onto an enemy become more sophisticated. Conflicting parties feel free to use a negative potential of “orange” layers of population (in case of the so-called “orange revolutions”). Unique tactical and technical characteristics of long-range loudspeaking equipment make it possible for the conflict participants to conduct “information war”.

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The earlier violators of sea or land borders receive information about necessary authorised requirements of services guarding the borders, the more time they will have to make a right solution. A possibility of direct audible warning in the absence of other communication means can help to prevent conflict situations. Regardless of the type of guarded borders – sea or land ones, availability of equipment which makes it possible to perform the above said tasks will help to find a way of resolving a conflict.
Long-range loudspeaking equipment is intended for installation onto helicopters, ships, and land-based vehicles. It can be helpful to coast guard, border forces, and for other military (defense) objectives.

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Issue of commands in the absence of any communication types in case of electronic warfare activity

In conditions of present-day battle, loss of control over forces is the worst scenario for any commander or military commander. Long-range loudspeaking equipment is used on close combat control vehicles under conditions of electronic warfare activity (EWA) conducted by an enemy.

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