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Ensuring safety of population, timely information about emergencies is one of the high-priority tasks of the government.

Under conditions of fast-growing urban development it becomes more and more difficult to warn inhabitants of large and especially multi-storied residential communities. The situation is worsened by unconscionable developers who “forget” to perform works beforehand in order to prepare for subsequent installation of terminating equipment of warning systems. As a result equipment of such residential communities, with tens of thousands inhabitants, with conventional loudspeakers often becomes difficult and expensive. Moreover, the majority of available solutions were developed in the middle of last century and do not ensure efficient voice coverage in new buildings due to larger scale of modern construction.
SGRI-A package of audible warning and information equipment is intended to transmit warning signals and emergency speech information to the population. Characteristics of the package are sufficient for voice coverage of areas up to several square kilometers from one point. Voice coverage of large residential communities makes it possible to cover the entire community from the roof of one of the highest buildings.
There appears a possibility to cover new districts of the city on the principle of mobile communication – from dominating heights. This method significantly saves means for installation and maintenance of warning devices because all the equipment is located within the limits of the roof space and the roof of one building and not dispersed within the quarter with tens of loudspeakers and kilometers of feeders. The structure ensures a really efficient information of each inhabitant in the residential community, moreover it ensures voice coverage of upper stories of high buildings.
The package has passed test acceptance by EMERCOM of Russia and is recommended for batch production. It is intended for use as a terminating equipment with open protocol, i.e. it can be connected with any device. It possesses a complete list of controlled parameters; moreover, it is able to monitor state of both feeder lines and radiators. The package comprises a control panel to operate at the place of installation in the absence of commands and signals from a senior equipment.

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EMERCOM experts often face a challenge of information delivery

Emergencies occur more and more often: natural disasters, man-made disasters, and other accidents in which usual communication means (mobiles, radio, television, etc.) break down or are not available. EMERCOM experts often face a problem of information delivery to population and to rescuers of the required actions. One can speak about life and death.
Our loudspeaking equipment can solve the task. SGRI-A package of audible warning and information equipment has design versions ensuring installation onto various vehicles. Being installed onto cars, helicopters, and ships, they can deliver required information on-line.

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