Application in MIA

Application in  MIA-1


The device operator will in any case deliver information and guidelines for action to anywhere of the crowd.

Law enforcement authorities are entrusted with an ambiguous task: on the one side – prevent illegal actions, on the other side – observe rights of citizens. In most cases, prior to force application, law authorities shall warn offenders about illegality of the actions of the latter. The examples of such situations are special operations aimed at detention of criminals, operations aimed at prevention of mass riots, unauthorised meetings, etc. In situations of the kind similar foreign structures use special systems, the so called “non-lethal weapon”. Acoustic impact and speech information transmission equipment (AIVITE) will in any case deliver information and guidelines for action to anywhere of the crowd or will create a defensive sonic barrier for law violators.

Application in  MIA-2

Federal Service for Punishment Execution

Special signal deprives rebels of communication

In case of abnormal situation (riot, disorders) under conditions of prison settlement, special settlement, prison, etc., correctional authorities are usually deprived of remote “non-lethal” impact onto prisoners as well as of a possibility to deliver a required information to them in order to prevent tragic consequences.
Use of special loudspeaking equipment deprives rebels of communication and has a staggering psychological effect which makes it possible to avoid unjust human losses.

Application in  MIA-4


Persons who take hostages are usually demolished without hearing any proposals.

When raiding facilities seized by terrorists, negotiations are often impossible for reasons beyond control (high noise levels, shooting, and long distances). Persons who take hostages are in most cases demolished without hearing any proposals from public authorities. The devices existing earlier could not ensure full safety and negotiations efficiency.
Application of really efficient loudspeakers will make it possible to reach an agreement with terrorists about their capitulation and avoid raid and battle casualties.

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