Agitation and events

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Despite the fact that the crowd’s own noise level often reaches 110 - 120 dB, this equipment can be used as an effective means of conveying information to a raging crowd.
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Operation under conditions of high level of ambient noise and coverage of large areas

Mass events (expositions, parades, ceremonial reviews, air show, and training maneuvers) are always related with a necessity to transmit speech messages, commands, and other signals. Taking into account high level of ambient noise and large areas, intrinsic to the events, the task becomes difficult to perform. At the same time any event organiser would like to have opportunity to address visitors or participants (both to all of them and to a separate person) as responsible organiser shall ensure order and safety and have an opportunity to control the process at any circumstances.
A possibility of quick address interference into events with mass gathering can be ensured by mobile energy independent loudspeaking station. If necessary it will help to avoid turmoil, deliver guidelines for action or ensure clear and distinct speech of an orator (speaker, broadcaster).

Agitation and events-2


Sonic barrier preventing sport fans from bursting onto playground>

Loudspeaking equipment installed at stadiums is intended for amplification and transmission of broadcaster’s voice and various music programs. However, during large tournaments and other large-scale sport events and concerts, appearance of the so called “fans” can necessitate outstanding application of loudspeakers, for example to make a sonic barrier preventing fans from bursting onto playground.

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Main task of a meeting, procession, and demonstration is to deliver information

Main task of a meeting, procession, and demonstration is to deliver information, uniting ideas, mottos, etc. to participants of such actions gathering tens of thousands of people in large cities. The volume of conventional bullhorns is in most cases insufficient. Delivery and installation of bulky stage equipment are costly. In this case out loudspeaking speech information systems will in any case deliver information to each participant of the event.

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